Wayne "The Train" Hancock

Up-Close & Personal Full Band House Concert

Sunday - October 1st, 2017

Doors: 5:00 PM / Show: 5:30 PM Sharp

Details / Reservations? Please email: info@codaconcerthouse.com.

The only other guy who has more Hank Williams in him than me is Wayne ‘The Train’ Hancock...Very few people can be real purists, but Wayne is a purist all the way.   — Hank Williams III

While “The Train” is indeed a throwback, the funny thing is, the more retro he gets, the fresher he sounds. His songs about the everyday and the everyman, with their driving pulse and live-in-the-moment vibe, have a character and passion that go beyond a particular time.

With an emphasis on off-the-cuff instrumental interplay and extended soloing, Wayne and his band drive down the centerline between tight and loose. Like a latter day Bob Wills, spontaneously calling out encouragement, effortlessly knocking out smile-through-the-pain honky-tonk, Wayne “The Train” Hancock delivers an unvarnished, BS-free restorative.

If you'd like more details or an invitation for this memorable evening, please send us an email to info@codaconcerthouse.com.  All proceeds, 100% to the artists performing.