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Tyrannosaurus Chicken

featuring Smilin’ Bob Lewis & Rachel Ammons

(of the Ben Miller Band)

Up-Close & Personal House Concert

Suggested Donation, 100% To The Artists Performing 

Wednesday, December 26th, 2018

Doors: 6:00 PM / Show: 6:30 PM Sharp

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Tyrannosaurus Chicken is a duo unlike any other. Rachel Ammons and "Smilin' Bob" Lewis are madcap sonic alchemists, fusing Delta blues, psychedelia and trance music with reckless enthusiasm. "We call it Arkansas hill stomp music"

Smilin' Bob identified with the Delta Blues from the very beginning, growing up in a small town where he was exposed to it by his coal miner father's African American friends on front porches and house parties.

After Rachel got back from college and 10 years of classical violin, she heard her family friend Smilin' Bob play some slide guitar and was instantly hooked. She lost some of the classical rigidity, they both stretched the limits and T-CHiKN (named for scientific research unlocking dinosaur DNA in the common chicken embryo) was born.

Their influences include jump blues, swing and piedmont blues, delta, rock, southern gospel, dance/trance.

If you'd like more details or an invitation for this memorable evening, please send us an email to  All proceeds, 100% to the artists performing.