Paul Thorn

Beyond Up-Close & Personal

House Concert

Joplin, Missouri

Saturday, Feb 23rd, 2019

Doors: 5 PM / Show: 5:30 PM

If you'd like to be invited, send us an email to:

ALL proceeds 100% to the artists performing!

Thorn's catalog is cherished by his many fans thanks to his down-home perspective, vivid-yet-plainspoken language and colorful characters. It helps that Thorn is a colorful and distinctly Southern personality himself. He was raised in Tupelo, Mississippi, in the land of cotton and catfish. And churches.

"My father was a preacher, so I went with him to churches that white people attended and churches that black people attended," Thorn says. "The white people sang gospel like it was country music, and the black people sang it like it was rhythm and blues. But both black and white people attended my father's church, and that's how I learned to sing mixing those styles.".

Thorn possessed the ability to charm audiences right from the start. Not only with his music, but also with the stories he tells from the stage. "Showmanship is a dying art that I learned from watching Dean Martin on TV when I was a kid," Thorn explains. "He could tell little jokes and then deliver a serious song, then make you laugh again. And he would look into the camera like he was looking right at you through the TV. That's what I want to do – make people feel like I'm talking directly to them."

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Haven't been to a Coda show?

We literally move all the furniture aside in our living room a few times a year and host our favorite artists!  You'll feel like you're sitting at the dinner table with Paul! Our minimum suggested donation varies from show to show, but 100% of all proceeds ALWAYS go directly to the musicians performing to make these shows happen.  We promise a musical experience you'll never forget!


About the show . . .

We don't sell ANYTHING at our shows, it's ALL about the music - and your donation is made directly to the artists.  You're welcome to bring a very small cooler that will fit under your chair, or a few snacks.  Recognize the art on our house drums?? You guessed it... that's Paul's work!

Want a feel for the vibe of a Coda show?  Here's a recent video of Jack Broadbent performing in our living room.  We hang a velvet curtain, a couple stage lights, and host some of the coolest artists and supporters you'll ever see!  We'd love to have you join our musical family!