Kalo - House Concert

Sunday, July 8th

Joplin, Missouri

Details / invitation? Please email: info@codaconcerthouse.com 

Doors: 5 PM / Show: 5:30 PM

$15 Suggested Donation Directly To The Artists

No sound system / no microphones / no PA

Unfiltered, unamplified, TOTALLY acoustic!!

100% To The Artists Performing

Their sound? Add a sultry female voice on the White Stripes or Black Keys with a dash of Elvis and Johnny Cash. It's music to sink your teeth into with just a tinge of blues and roots to make it familiar ... And you've never seen a girl play guitar like this ...

In 2009, Israeli singer/songwriter/guitarist Bat-Or Kalo left Israel to soak herself in the sounds of U.S. music. Her creative and musical Israeli family includes a Nobel Peace Prize nominee, famous musicians and war veterans. 

Sexy guitar. Infectious rhythms. Smoky vocals. KALO is pure, heartfelt rock 'n' roll with just a tease of blues and roots. Everything about KALO is unexpected — and that's exactly why they're quickly catching the eyes and ears of music lovers and industry professionals alike. 

Since 2013, they've released three albums – Dear John, 2013; Live in NYC, 2016; Wild Change, 2017. 

If you'd like to be a part of this memorable evening, please send us an email to info@codaconcerthouse.com for an invitation.  All proceeds, 100% to the artists performing.