Charlie Hunter Trio

featuring Silvana Estrada

Beyond Up-Close & Personal

House Concert

Joplin, Missouri

Sunday, March 25th

If you'd like to be invited, send us an email to:

ALL proceeds 100% to the artists performing!

With a career spanning more than two decades and almost 20 albums, Charlie Hunter consistently ups his game as an innovative writer and bandleader. He has worked with the likes of Norah Jones, Mos Def, John Mayer, D’Angelo and countless others. He is widely considered the authority on the seven and eight - string guitar, and continues to stun audiences with his ability to simultaneously bust out tasty bass parts, melodic leads and swinging rhythms. Hunter's signature style of writing and performing has secured his place as one of today's great guitarists.

Silvana Estrada, a native of Mexico’s southeast, has quickly become known in the Jazz community as a unique triple-threat talent: a musician, vocalist and songwriter.  Her style is a mixture of Latin American sounds with “Mainstream Song”.   Her vocals echo the son jarocho tradition of the Mexican southeast combined with prose that navigates between contemporary spanish-language poetry and Mexican music of the 20's— a uniquely rich sound, full of colors and stories, that rides the edge between tradition and modernity.


Haven't been to a Coda show?

We literally move all the furniture aside in our living room a few times a year and host our favorite artists!  You'll feel like you're sitting at the dinner table with Charlie! Our minimum suggested donation varies from show to show, but 100% of all proceeds ALWAYS go directly to the musicians performing to make these shows happen.  We promise a musical experience you'll never forget!

We don't sell ANYTHING at our shows, it's ALL about the music - and your donation is made directly to the artists.  You're welcome to bring a very small cooler that will fit under your chair, or a few snacks.  

Want a feel for the vibe of a Coda show?  Here's a recent video of Jack Broadbent performing in our living room.  We hang a velvet curtain, a couple stage lights, and host some of the coolest artists and supporters you'll ever see!  We'd love to have you join our musical family!